“An Innocent Victim”

I learned recently that Ascent Aspirations Magazine is publishing  poetry only on Friday’s, called “Friday’s Poems.”

Three of my poems will be published in it in June, and I’m proud to be included with such beautiful work.

NeverEnding Story, a bilingual English-Chinese blog, recently accepted two more of my haiku. Always cool to see my work translated into Chinese. Thanks to the brilliant author and poet, Chen-ou Liu.

I finally updated my software to Word 16. Should have done it sooner, as I learned that some letters that I sent out about my manuscript appeared fine on my end, but not on the receiver’s end. Yikes.

I’ve added a short flash fiction piece to the short fiction page, “An Innocent Victim.” Gave some people a laugh, and made others cringe. (:

I’ve been ending my blog posts with a quote about lakes/water, as a nod to my manuscript, “A Path to the Lake.” This week let me offer this one about walking a path instead.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”  (Buddha)


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