To all the Mother’s out there…

Happy Mother’s Day! My daughter sent me this video this week and told me to get out the Kleenex!  (And a big thanks to my own kids for all the mother’s day love!)

I recently had a flash fiction piece of mine, “Pay Dirt”, published by Shoe Music Press. You can read it under short fiction, or on the Shoe Music Press website. Thanks, Gordon Purkis!

I’ve added one of my previously published haibun poems, “Frozen” to the Japanese poetry page. I’ve also added two currently published senryu to it. (What is senryu, you might ask?)  Even spell check is having trouble letting me say it 😀 Briefly, senryu is a three line poem similar to haiku, often focusing on human nature. A great place to learn more about it online is by checking out “Failed Haiku/A Journal of English Senryu”.

My next post will be in two weeks…

“I hear water lapping with low sounds by the shore…I hear it in the deep heart’s core.”          W. B. Yeats


6 thoughts on “To all the Mother’s out there…

  1. I enjoy your “water” quotes and the way water is a theme for you..maybe? as in “A Path to the Lake”.


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