The Way I Spin it…

I’m starting to get replies about my manuscript “A Path to the Lake” from agents that I’ve sent submissions to. Although I haven’t had anyone ask for the full manuscript yet, I was pleased to hear “Kate seemed like a great protagonist” and “we liked your novel a lot.” I’ll take that as encouraging (at least that’s how I’m spinning it in my own head!), and persevere sending it out. Wish me luck!

I had a fun thing happen this week. I found out one of my haiku received the “Best Bet” 2015 award from Lyrical Passion Poetry. You can read it on their website, or here on my Japanese poetry page. Lyrical Passion sent a donation for my winning poem to “Women for Women” on my behalf, to help women in war-torn countries. Very cool, and thank you to the founding editors! (The winning haiku, you guessed it, was written at the lake.)

I’ve added a few of my previously published haiku to the Japanese poetry page, a children’s story (about how our differences make us special,) and a free verse poem hot off the press.
FullSizeRender (10)
“Water is the soul of the Earth.” W. H. Auden

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